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Clearing Cards in Solitaire Arena

Clearing Cards in Solitaire Arena The aim of this game is to score as many points as you can before your opponent so you can win the tournament. Leer Más
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miércoles, mayo 25, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Upjers Solitaire

Upjers Solitaire easy level Upjers Solitaire gameplay Upjers Solitaire map Play this exciting solitaire game that’ll test your skills and provide you with a very enjoyable experience.

Travel through the magical game world and enjoy the many beautiful sights that it has to offer.

Complete the levels as quickly and efficiently as possible to get a high score.
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miércoles, mayo 18, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Solitaire Dash Tri-Peaks Island

Solitaire Dash Tri-Peaks Island Whirlwind Solitaire Dash Tri-Peaks Island Gameplay Solitaire Dash Tri-Peaks Island Boosters Smash through the levels of this amazing Solitaire game on Facebook.

Get as many matching streaks as you can to get the highest score in each level.

Grab and use boosters to further enhance your game.
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miércoles, mayo 11, 2016

Nuevo Artículo Agregado: Why Competitive Solitaire Games Work so well

Why Competitive Solitaire Games Work so well preview image Solitaire games have mostly been about providing players with a casual single player experience but in recent days many competitive player vs player solitaire games have surfaced that have been an absolute delight to play. In this article we’ll be going into a bit more detail about these games and analyzing in a bit more detail why they’re so much fun to play. Leer Más
miércoles, mayo 4, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Solitaire Showdown

Solitaire Showdown Head-On Mode Solitaire Showdown Bonus Game Solitaire Showdown Tourney Take on your opponents head-on or in a tournament.

Form piles ahead of your opponent to score higher and win the game.

Play bonus games to earn additional coins to wager against your opponents.
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martes, abril 26, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Magic Towers Solitaire

Magic Towers Solitaire: Gameplay Possible combo at Magic Tower Solitaire Magic Tower Solitaire: Suits Play the classic game of Solitaire but with a twist!

Reveal the hidden towers behind the scattered cards

Set as many records on different levels
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miércoles, abril 20, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Ancient Tripeaks

Classic Layout in Ancient Tripeaks Ancient Tripeaks Double Tripeaks Layout Circle Layout in Ancient Tripeaks Play through the variety of layouts and card sequencing challenges – tripeaks style.

Get properly guided onto the tripeaks style of solitaire with in-game tutorials.

Personalize a game with a great selection of layouts and cards designs to choose from.
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sábado, abril 16, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Solitaire 220 Plus

Golf Solitaire in Solitaire 220 Plus Solitaire 220 Plus - Spider Solitaire Forty Thieves Solitaire in Solitaire 220 Plus Enjoy a great collection of the authentic solitaire games to play, all 220 of them.

Get set to trim down your time records and top the charts playing the different games.

Play over gorgeously detailed, hand-drawn decks of cards, card backs, and backgrounds.
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miércoles, abril 13, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Ancient Spiders Solitaire

Four Suits Spider In Ancient Spiders Solitaire Ancient Spiders Solitaire - Solitaire Variants Spider One Suit in Ancient Spiders Solitaire Get to play 8 variants of the Spider Solitaire game in one title.

Solve fun yet difficult puzzle challenges

Experience a Solitaire game like no other with Ancient Spiders Solitaire
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