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Clearing Cards in Solitaire Arena

Clearing Cards in Solitaire Arena The aim of this game is to score as many points as you can before your opponent so you can win the tournament. Citește mai mult
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vineri, februarie 5, 2016

Articol Nou Adăugat: What We Love About Golf Solitaire

What We Love About Golf Solitaire preview image Golf Solitaire is an incredibly popular variation of the card puzzle game. Properly setting up a laid-back type of challenge, it still provides an overwhelming sense of enticement and entertainment to its players.

In this following article, we bring you the different factors that keeps us relatively amused to this unique rendition of the game Solitiare.
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luni, februarie 13, 2017

Joc Nou Adăugat: Solitaire Valentine's Day 2

Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 heart shaped layout Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 gameplay Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 making progress Enjoy this exciting solitaire game that’ll have you hooked for countless hours.

Play a variety of expertly crafted levels that’ll surely test your solitaire skills.

Remove cards as quickly as you can to gain a combo multiplier that’ll boost your score.
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miercuri, martie 2, 2016

Joc Nou Adăugat: Solitaire Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day

Solitaire Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day Perfect Score Solitaire Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day Special Cards Solitaire Match 2 Cards Valentine's Day Gameplay Play a unique and romantic form of Solitaire.

Find as many of the special cards as you can on the board.

Shop for boosters and make the game a lot easier for you to play.
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miercuri, ianuarie 25, 2017

Joc Nou Adăugat: Troy Solitaire

Troy Solitaire gameplay Troy Solitaire fun level Troy Solitaire level selection map Enjoy this addicting solitaire game that’ll provide you with an addicting experience.

Complete tons of expertly crafted levels, each one of them with a unique design.

Go through levels as quickly and as efficiently as you can to get high scores at the end.
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miercuri, ianuarie 18, 2017

Joc Nou Adăugat: Solitaire Ultra

Solitaire Ultra starting off Solitaire Ultra gameplay Solitaire Ultra trying for a high score Play this simple and straightforward solitaire game that’ll take you back to the roots of this hugely popular genre.

Enjoy breathtaking HD visuals that have been optimized to run flawlessly on most mobile devices.

Earn achievements as you progress through the game and try to get the number one spot in the high score table.
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marţi, octombrie 6, 2015

Articol Nou Adăugat: What Makes Solitaire Arena so Good?

What Makes Solitaire Arena so Good? preview image We have come to know varieties of Solitaire, as it probably is the single most entertaining way of arranging a messed up 52 card deck into their classifying color and sequence. Now integrated with social aspects as they are ported over social websites, we have come across Solitaire Arena - the pinnacle of a Solitaire challenge. What makes it so good? Let's find out! Citește mai mult
vineri, ianuarie 20, 2017

Joc Nou Adăugat: Canfield Solitaire

Canfield Solitaire: Game Play Making Foundation Piles in Canfield Solitaire Canfield Solitaire: Tableau Piles Test your skills at an amazing game of Solitaire.

Complete the game as fast you can to get the highest score.

Change background theme and choose your favorite deck type in Canfield Solitaire.
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marţi, ianuarie 24, 2017

Joc Nou Adăugat: Crescent Solitaire

Crescent Solitaire Pyramid Layout Crescent Solitaire Layouts Crescent Solitaire Challenging Layout Enjoy a simple yet definitely challenging Solitaire game.

Immerse yourself in soothing Middle Eastern music as you seek out pairs of cards.

Play more to unlock more levels in the game.
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