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5 Straightforward Solitaire Games

Rate this Article Here are 5 games to hand you some of the purest forms the original solitaire games. No hints, No help buttons, No Boosters - just pure card challenge. Solitaire Games Online - 5 Straightforward Solitaire Games

Experience a challenging treat in solitaire gaming with Solitaire that genuinely hands out the legit and real life counterpart of the game. A great find among our selection of reviewed solitaire games from all the different publishers and developers to date – honing the challenging levels of the different authentic solitaire games. These games on the list are 5 of the most straightforward counterparts of your favorite versions of solitaire.

This article stretches out every bit of element incorporated in every game that we have on our collection. They are redeemed as the purest form of the original game that lends the lot of casual players, the original mechanics of the pertaining version of solitaire – without the bonuses, boosters, cheats and tweaks to increase your chances of solving the given puzzle. Ultimately, these 5 titles are one of the most challenging as well given that the real life counterparts are just as astronomical to beat every single time.

Starting out on the list, Air Solitaire is a card puzzle game that is heavily influenced by the original mechanics of the real-life card game “Klondike”. The mechanics of the game persists to be follow the original Klondike solitaire tasking you to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of ascending rank. Stacks of cards with alternating colors in descending rank can be built as an intermediate step, over the arranged initial layout of the Klondike game with 7 piles of stacked of cards with only the top-most card in face up position. No boosters, No hints, No help whatsoever - just the purest form of Klondike Challenge.

Next on the list is the Golf Solitaire rendition of the game in Hot Air Solitaire, a version of solitaire that is based on the well-known and widely used version. The main goal is to clear the given random cards on the playing field by combining the card next to the stack with cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value: for example, the Ace will combine with the 2 as well as the King. The longer you can keep chaining the sequence of the cards, the more your combo meter will rise resulting to more points to receive. Points get you nothing more than the variety of upgrades for your avatar in the game. Other than the single undo function you have in the game, there is nothing much to help you either to get through the insanely difficult card puzzles.

Greek Goddesses Solitaire on the other hand compiles a collection of different solitaire games. Each of which hones the exact mechanics of the real life game. The only difference is that players are handed out bits of bonus games to add in for the variety of play you get in the game. A great choice to cover all varieties solitaire versions in a single title.

Chain Solitaire Tournament is a card puzzle game that is heavily influenced by the sequencing mechanics familiar to all solitaire games. In this game though, the “chaining” comes in when you try to remove cards of the same suit following the ultimate rule of picking last a particular card of that “suit” to pair with a matching value card among all the face-up cards on the tableaux to continue the process of elimination of cards in the tableaux until you clear the level goal. Given with only 150 seconds to clear out a puzzle, there is not much room for any boosters to put into play with leaving you with just the pure form of the challenge.

Lastly, we have SpiderMania Solitaire on the list. A great rendition of the famous Spider Solitaire where you are tasked to sequence cards in their descending ranks starting out from the King to Ace. 104 cards in total are to be arranged to be exact, and the challenge heightens as you introduce more suits at play. No bonuses, no boosters, just pure hiccups and re-tries of a game.

Despite their outrageous difficulty, these 5 games on the list are the purest form of their original solitaire counterparts. Sheer luck is what is needed along with a keen eye for detail for you not to miss out on any card that should be used to for your sequence. Rest assured, these games will put you at the top of your game playing as well as to enhance your aptitude to solve these types of brain-numbing puzzles.

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