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Card Games in Canada: 4 of the Must-Plays

Rate this Article Card games are a huge deal in Canada, and although you’ll see many of the usual games in casinos, you’ll also encounter some unique local creations. If you’re planning to try your luck in the Great White North, here are a few must-plays. Solitaire Games Online - Card Games in Canada: 4 of the Must-Plays

Canadians are known throughout the world for being rather polite, their Mounties, and their obsession with ice hockey. However, it's also an established fact that people who live there like to have fun, and many do so by visiting casinos and testing their luck. Gambling in Canada is a big deal, and they've made their own original card games you may not encounter elsewhere.

With that said, if you're spending the night out in Toronto or Ottawa, or if you're crossing over to Windsor to try your luck, or planning to look for places to play on the internet in Vernons online casinos, here are some of the popular casino card games in Canada you would want to know about:


Undoubtedly one of the more popular card games in the North American nation, Euchre, is said to have originated in Cornwall or Devon, south of England, and was brought over by British soldiers. Apart from being a big thing in Canada, it's also a favorite in the neighboring United States and former colonies like Australia and New Zealand.

In a nutshell, it involves four players divided into two teams and can be played in the standard 24-card deck, but there are variations that use 28 and 32-card decks. There are five tricks (or rounds) in each hand, and in order to win, a pair has to reach 10 points.

Dealer’s choice poker

Poker is a popular game in Canada

Dealer's choice is a style of poker wherein each player may deal a different variant. There are many of them, but one of Canada's more popular poker variants is Texas Hold 'em. Although it originated from the neighboring country, it is widely played in Canadian casinos. This involves two hole cards dealt face down to each player, and five community cards are placed in three stages for all to see. Throughout this phase, players can add bets, raise the pot, or fold. The player who ends up scoring the highest (pair, two pair, straight, royal flush, etc.) will take the most of the pot.

With that said, learning how this is played is a must, considering it's a top-rated game throughout the country. Moreover, it's quite an exciting game, given that you're going head-to-head against other players, trying to read their facial expressions and calling their bluff while maintaining a "poker face" of your own.


Despite its German name (which means emperor), it is theorized that Kaiser was brought to the shores of the Great White North by Ukrainian immigrants. The game is also known as Hail to the Chief.

This trick-taking card game is a mainstay in various prairie regions, especially in Saskatchewan. Much like Euchre, four players divided into two teams play it using a 32-card deck, starting from the 8s. All cards are dealt; every player is given eight each. In order to win, you'll need to score at least 52 points, and at the same time, avoid scoring –52, which will lead to an untimely defeat. The scoring starts during bidding before the cards are handed out, and the player with the most number of tricks won ends up winning.


If you end up visiting Nova Scotia, Quebec, Newfoundland, and the other areas bordering the Atlantic Coast, you'll definitely encounter Forty-fives or, in its French name, quarante-cinq. This game originated in Ireland, specifically from Twenty-five, which, in turn, came from the Scottish game known as Maw, which was even played by royalty back in the day.

If you'd like to play this, you'll need to use a deck of 52 cards. Players are dealt five cards each, and depending on the cards you have, you need to reach 45 points. Apart from this, there are also other variations like the 120-point one and Auction Fort-fives, which has three different styles.

Overall, learning how to play these card games in Canada is a definite must, whether you're planning to take a trip there or play in an online casino. Though trying to master a new card game can sound rather daunting, the abovementioned ones are worth your while. After all, new games provide unique experiences and challenges, and if you're someone who likes to test the extent of their luck, they are fantastic avenues.

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