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Best Facebook Solitaire Games

Rate this Article As with many other types of game, Facebook has a selection of choice when it comes to Solitaire Games. In this list we will break down 10 of the best available. Solitaire Games Online - Best Facebook Solitaire Games

With so much choice available on Facebook for solitaire games how do you choose which one to play. In this article we will cover 10 of the best games available, while there are many good games for you to play, here we have some of our favorites.

Solitaire Magic is a classic Klondike game with some really nice touches and gameplay available. It is easy to use and play, with a relaxing fun mode or a full klondike set up you can choose what you want to do and when. If you are looking for a straightforward game this is the one for you.

Cleopatras Pyramid transports you to ancient Egypt where you can build your own pyramid. By completing levels you collect coins which you spend on blocks for your pyramid. As you build up you also gain levels and can earn more and more coins. There is also a jackpot competition to enter, by getting the highest score you can win large amounts of cash to spend on your new pyramid.

In Solitaire Blitz you travel the high seas looking for treasure under some fantastic cards. You can choose the design that you play with and there are lots available for purchase. As you travel there are boosters for you to use as you reveal cards. The games are times so its a little faster paced than some games out there, but it is very nicely presented and a lot of fun to play.

Solitaire in Wonderland is set in the much loved story book world, as you play solitaire you will help Alice travel around. By defeating the card soldiers of the queen of hearts you can save the people of wonderland. With some amazing artwork and fun gameplay Solitaire in Wonderland is a really enjoyable experience.

Solitaire Harmony is a magical trip through the middle ages. As you play games you earn points and coins. These coins can be spent on building a castle and village. Using the classic Klondike set up you can play slowly and take your time or play fast, the faster you finish a level the more points you will score. The more points you have the faster you can build up your town. With a nice system and a mini jackpot competition Solitaire Harmony has lots to offer.

Solitaire Atlantis is a fantastic new solitaire experience. Set in the mythical city under the sea your objective is to collect the gold coloured Goal Cards from the patterns on the gable, each time that you win you collect coins, which you can then spend on powerful boosters to help you. There are some amazing patterns to play through and some really nice polish to this game.

Towers is a more competitive version of the game where you challenge your friends to see if they can beat your highest score. With bonuses based on how fast you move the cards and you can earn extra points with special cards that pop up. With a straightforward layout see if you can win the tournament.

Solitaire Castle is an adventure to rescue your best friend. Your dog has been stolen and its up to you to rescue him. Play through some fun levels and use your cute ghostly companions help and special boosts. With loads of levels and some engaging gameplay Solitaire Castle is a fantastic way to pass the time.

Solitaire Arena is a live duel match between 2 players. You both have an identical set of cards and you play for points. The person with the most points at the end wins. After 2 wins you are eligible to enter into a rankings system. This is a really simple game but incredible to play, you can see their score but not their moves, and its really interesting new style of Solitaire.

Solitaire Tales sends you after the evil Decromancer who has stolen the deck of power. Its up to you and your companions to chase him down and recover these magical cards. With some exciting gameplay and really nice graphics this game is awesome to play and has so much to do.

So there we have 10 of the best Facebook Solitaire games. All of these games are available for you to try on this website, and we hope that you have found some inspiration for your next game. Each of these Solitaire Games has something new and exciting to offer and some of them are truly beautiful games to play.

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