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Great Titles to Teach You Solitaire

Rate this Article Enjoy a great collection of solitaire games - dedicated to get you running through their individual specifics, mechanics, and authentic solitaire game counterparts. Solitaire Games Online - Great Titles to Teach You Solitaire

Solitaire has been played out by lots of other titles shaping their focus over a single rendition of solitaire. Much of these games frequenting today’s vast number of readily available games over net may pitch in a quick run-around about their pertaining mechanics to get you familiarized with the game’s pertaining goal.

More often than not though, introductions over the actual game rendition is not stated over the game’s description or within its tutorial phase - that sometimes gives confusion to casual gamers that are not well versed when it comes to these types of card puzzle games.

As we have reviewed quite the number of Solitaire games in the past, we have taken the time to look back, and compiled a few titles to get you well informed and start with the lot of exciting solitaire games out there. These following solitaire titles should definitely have you grasp the basic meat of the game, introduce you with varieties of solitaire games to play, and/or truly enjoy it at the same time to keep you hooked around it playing.

Among them is True Detective Solitaire, a top tier solitaire game that excels not only because of a brilliant execution of its gameplay - but also due to the fact that the game has a really amazing backing plot seamlessly merged into it. Upon starting off in the game for the first time, its very first level is dedicated to guide you through most of the game’s basics and core mechanics. It is pretty concise in doing so, and takes great measure explaining all that it needs to - without being too difficult to digest by mere casual gamers. Overall, this very much polished game should easily get you hooked playing and understand the true challenge and wonder of any solitaire game.

And then we also have Air Solitaire. A great find from Big Fish Games, that hones challenging levels of the authentic and straightforward counterpart of your favorite Klondike version of solitaire game. We are compelled to include this game in our list not only because it properly guides us to the version of the game, but also because it values the true form of solitaire, the difficulty of the legit challenge, and because Klondike is more often the chosen version of solitaire among these games.

To top it all off, we extend our recommendation to play the Greek mythology inspired solitaire game by Big Fish Games, Greek Goddesses of Solitaire, as hones the different versions of Solitaire - all with their accompanying tutorial and quick guides to get you familiarized with each and every solitaire game’s core mechanics in a single title. The game proves to be the single most complete way to get you learning the different renditions of solitaire - bundled with an entertaining way to provide you with the most sought after challenge that these types of games are really wanted for.

Greek Goddesses of Solitaire not only enlists the legit versions of solitaire games, but also get you playing them without the benefits of power-ups and special perks to help you win the levels. Similar to the original versions of solitaire, clearing a single game can quite be an astronomical challenge to beat. In the game’s Free Play mode, you can instantly take part in any solitaire game of your preference. Solitaire within the title includes versions of Klondike, Canfield, Penguin, Monte Carlo, Yukon, Golf, Scorpion, Pyramid, Freecell, and Accordion. A solitaire game readily enlisting ten of the most played solitaire versions - best to teach you their similarities as well as their differences.

Good luck and we hope that you’d enjoy learning the different versions of solitaire from these list!

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