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Have Fun Playing Solitaire With Friends

Rate this Article Solitaire is a game, as its name suggests, that is designed to be played alone. However, you can now play Solitaire with your friends, thanks to today's technology. Solitaire Games Online - Have Fun Playing Solitaire With Friends

Solitaire is a game, as its name suggests, that is designed to be played alone. However, it doesn’t mean that one cannot play Solitaire with friends! You’ll find that, with the popularity of social media nowadays, you can find that most Solitaire games are designed with a social aspect in mind by the developers.

Try to open up games like Solitaire Arena on Facebook, or even non-competitive games like Fairway Solitaire Blast and you’ll find that there is already a social aspect blended into their gameplay and mechanics.

So how do friends figure out in an otherwise solitary – pun intended – game of Solitaire?
First thing you’ll notice when you play games like Tasty Solitaire is that each level in the game will consume a Heart, which is referred to in casual gaming parlance as a Life. You have a limited amount of these when you play a game. Normally, each day will give you five Lives for free.

Now, the games’ mechanics are set up in a way that, when you win a level, you get to earn back the life that you have consumed to initiate that level. Thus, if you’re good enough, you will not be consuming your five free Lives that quickly. However, if you fail to meet one level’s objectives, you lose that life and you will not be able to regain it even if you manage to meet the objectives the second time.

Because the game has a social aspect to it, you can get extra Lives to play the game for a little bit longer by asking your friends for it. When you have many friends that play the same game with you, chances are they will be able to give you a Life or two at least so you can prolong your game for a few more levels. It’s basically just these Facebook apps’ way of implementing the saying, “Lend a helping hand to a friend.”

Another reason why Solitaire is more fun when played with friends is because it allows for a competitive atmosphere to set in. Solitaire Arena is the best game to demonstrate Solitaire in a competitive capacity. That’s where the game gets its name, after all. When you play the game on Facebook, you’ll find that you’re pitted against other players.

Here is how it works – you and the other player are given the same deck of cards. The challenge is to finish the game ahead of the other player. This means that the game awards the player who is able to figure out the challenges of that specific deck faster than the other.

You can play with non-friends in Solitaire Arena, of course. However, if you have friends playing that game, you can set up your own tournaments and competitions!

While its origins may have been based on solitary gameplay, in today’s world that’s dominated by social media, Solitaire has been successfully adapted in a way that it can be possible for you to play the game with your friends and colleagues.

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