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My Favorite Solitaire Games

Rate this Article There are many different kinds of solitaire games out there and each game has a unique perk of its own to offer. In this article we’ll be discussing some of the more exciting solitaire games to enjoy. Solitaire Games Online - My Favorite Solitaire Games

Solitaire games have been around for pretty much as long as anyone can remember and they’ve managed to survive through all these years. Perhaps the main reason solitaire games have remained popular all these years is the fact that they’re very simple to play and at the same time incredibly addictive. Other than their addictive nature, some solitaire games as of recent have a really cool looking theme and sometimes they even have some unique gameplay mechanics built into them for an even more enjoyable experience.

I have loved these games since I first started to play them, and I still come back to them when I feel the need to relax. Each of these games holds a special place for me, and I hope that you will enjoy them too.

Pasjans Solitaire
Pasjans Solitaire is an incredibly enjoyable solitaire game because it provides players with an huge amount of game modes to choose from and alongside these game modes it has a really good looking user interface and multiple different visual options to choose from. All this variety makes this game a worthwhile solitaire game to play.

Fairway Solitaire Blast
What makes Fairway Solitaire Blast so interesting is the fact that it doesn’t really fully base itself on the traditional gameplay concepts of solitaire. The game has a wide array of unique features such as different kinds of game modes and booster cards that serve as power-ups and greatly aid players during difficult games. Other than this, the game is presented in a really nice way and is overall sure to please.

Solitaire Atlantis
Built on traditional solitaire concepts, while the gameplay of Solitaire Atlantis might be quite addictive, it’s not what makes this game so enjoyable. Instead, it is the amazing setting that the game is situated in which makes it such a fun experience. The game is set in the underwater city of Atlantis and you’ll be displayed some really cool visuals during your game.1

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