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Offline versus Online Solitaire Games

Rate this Article Both types of Solitaire games are suited for different purposes. Solitaire Games Online - Offline versus Online Solitaire Games

There are two ways through which you can play Solitaire. First way, and the most common, is to go over to Facebook and play there. There are so many Solitaire games there on the popular social media website to choose from, each with their own offering to show to the player like you.

The second way, and the oldest but not as common nowadays, is to play offline. This goes beyond just playing games like the ones that come with your installation of Microsoft Windows. There are other games of Solitaire that you can download and play offline; most of these can be played through the Big Fish Game Manager app.

Just to show you what games you can play, popular online Solitaire games include Solitaire Arena. This one is noteworthy because it goes beyond the solitary nature that Solitaire games have been built on. How does it do that? It’s amazingly simple. You’re given a deck of cards to play with, and you have to solve it ahead of your opponent.

Solitaire Arena touts itself as one of the pioneers of competitive Solitaire games on Facebook!

On the other hand, Big Fish Solitaire games include the highly acclaimed Pirate’s Solitaire 2. It takes pride as being the sole Pirate-themed Solitaire game on the market. One of its strong points is the ability to adjust difficulty settings at well, at any point while playing the game. If you’re feeling like you want to take it easy, you can set the difficulty to Easy. If, at some point, you feel like having a challenge, you can conveniently increase the difficulty level at will.

Okay, let’s move now to the question: which suits one better, online or offline Solitaire games?

One of the main benefits of online Solitaire games is the community that people can get access to. If you play a Facebook Solitaire game and “Like” its fanpage, you find other players like you who are equally as interested in playing the game as you are. You can add them as buddies - because Facebook is a social networking website, all of the games in it are designed with a social aspect in mind.

Thus, you can compare scores, share tips on how to get past the tricky levels of the game, and give feedback to the developers on how they can improve the game further.

Most mobile Solitaire games also require an Internet connection as well to upload scores to your Apple or Google accounts.

As for offline Solitaire games, the main benefit is convenience. You need not worry about having your Internet connection cut off unexpectedly in the middle of your playing. While you will need the Internet to download and install the game, you can continue playing independently afterwards. No headaches, and no tempers flaring just because the Internet connection is lousy at the time that you feel like playing a Solitaire game.

In the end, whether you play online or offline Solitaire games, it all depends on what you really want. Do you want to get access to a community? Or do you prefer to play without having to think about your Internet connection?

Both types of Solitaire games are suited for different purposes, so you’ll have to weigh your preferences before making a decision.

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