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Solitaire Games 101

Rate this Article What goes into a solitaire game, what is it that makes them so much fun and what do you actually do in them, in this article we will cover the basics of the game for you. Solitaire Games Online - Solitaire Games 101

There’s pretty much no denying the fact that anyone who’s into playing games has played at least one solitaire game in his or her lifetime. The reason for this is that solitaire games have been popular for over a century due to their addictive gameplay and simple to grasp nature. In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes them enjoyable but also give you an idea of what the basics are.

The core objective of pretty much every solitaire game is the same at heart. You have to clear up all the cards in the level by removing the cards from the game board. You can either have to stack them up in order from King to Ace, or by moving cards that are 1 above or below the base card of the game.

This process is repeated until all cards are removed from the playing area. While it might sound pretty simple, the gameplay can become quite challenging at times as many games tend to twist around the gameplay a bit by adding things such as locked cards. Other than this you also get to utilize some really helpful power-ups along the way that make the gameplay a lot more enjoyable as well.

Before we go into further detail let’s talk about the types of solitaire games out there. All available solitaire games can be divided into the two main types of either competitive or casual. The casual games such as Solitaire Tales or Soli Harmony emphasize on providing their players with a more relaxed and lighthearted experience with steady progression whereas the competitive games like Battle Solitaire and Solitaire Arena offer a more intense experience as players face opponents around the world in fast-paced matches to see who can clear their playing area quicker. Due to the fact that there are different types of solitaire games, players are always able to find one that’s more suited to their play-style.

One of the best things about solitaire games is the fact that there’s a lot of customization built into these games. In almost every good game you’ll be given a variety of different options to choose from such as what style deck you want and what the background of the playing area should be like. These options allow you to personalize your experience a bit and they also stop the game from becoming repetitive after you’ve played for long periods of time.

A really good feature in solitaire games nowadays is that alongside the addictive gameplay, they often have a plot to offer as well. Regency Solitaire comes to mind when discussing these plot oriented solitaire releases as it’s a game that revolves around a young princess named Bella who is trying to restore her family’s name and make a perfect life for herself by marrying the prince of her dreams. There are many different kinds of unique plots offered by these games that add a lot more depth to the experience.

There are of course some solitaire games that have really unique aspects of their own to set them apart from the crowd. The prime example of these unique games has to be Solitaire Atlantis as it has an insane array of power-ups that you can utilize. The power-ups of the game are known as boosters and they’re so amazing that one of them even allows you to call upon the power of a god to aid you during gameplay which is definitely a really enjoyable experience.

All things considered, solitaire games are really fun and addictive. We’re sure that pretty much every single game that’s been mentioned in this article will be worth your time and other than the ones we’ve named you’ll find a wide array of games to choose from once you look into this genre a bit. We’ve always had amazing experiences playing solitaire games and we hope that you do as well.

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