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The Culture Behind MobilityWare

Rate this Article MobilityWare has been one of the best game developing companies since the start of the App Store. With new innovative games launched ever year, the company has won several awards and accolades. This article takes an in-depth look into the culture of the company that enables them to bring out-of-the-box ideas every day. Solitaire Games Online - The Culture Behind MobilityWare

When it comes to fun games on the mobile platforms, the name MobilityWare definitely comes to mind. It all started with the founders Dave Yonamine and John Libby, 25 years ago. Progressing in the field of technology and bringing innovation to their desks every day, they launched MobilityWare in 2003. When the launch of the App Store took the smartphone world by storm, MobilityWare launched 13 new games on the AppStore the very first day.

Since then, MobilityWare holds the record of having 12,000,000 years of play time, 337 million games downloads and 150 billion of solitaire games played till date. These unbelievable numbers have been the fruit of their brilliant ideology and culture that goes into every game they make.

The culture at MobilityWare revolves around the values of friendship, honesty, integrity and equality. Voted as Orange County’s Best Places to Work by OC Business General and OC Register, MobilityWare ensures that each and every employee plays a key role in the path to successful innovation. The perfect example of an innovative environment at MobilityWare is the Game Jam event held every year in the company. This event has a Pitching Day where different teams of employees present their innovative ideas in an encouraging and welcoming environment. As a result, MobilityWare keeps on bringing out of the box games for their users, day in day out.

MobilityWare has countless popular games to their name belonging to versatile genres, thanks to their innovative culture. These genres include solitaire games like Spider and Free Cell, puzzles like ColorArt, casino games including Blackjack and roulette, game labs featuring the games Excite Bear, Sunny Shapes and much more.

The game developing company always manages to stay ahead of the game and bring in innovative concepts every year. Their recent innovations include Solitaire and Sunny Shape games on the latest platforms including Apple TV, Apple Watch and Android Wear. When it comes to new ideas and out of the box thinking, MobilityWare is miles ahead of the competition.

Besides the game development and making headlines, MobilityWare also runs some really cool charities, their way of giving back to the community. Every year, the company holds a 5K run known as Color Run along with a charity named NEGU which treats children suffering from pediatric cancer. Grandma’s House of Hope is another brilliant effort by the company to offer Christmas gifts to the less fortunate families.

The title of the Best Places to Work perfectly fits for MobilityWare. Their culture of innovation, diversity and equality while maintaining a friendly and welcoming environment has helped them build a team of the best game developers and engineers. All these elements work together to bring us new addicting games every year.

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