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The Evolution of Solitaire Games

Rate this Article The solitaire genre has seen much growth over the years. It started off with traditional Klondike styled games but since then has evolved and changed quite a lot. In this article we’ll be discussing all the changes that this genre has gone through over the years. Solitaire Games Online - The Evolution of Solitaire Games

To kick things off, let’s first discuss how this genre was when it first started. Pretty much every single one of the solitaire games from the early years were based on the Klondike formula. What was great about Klondike solitaire games was the fact that they were at the time some of the only games that truly challenged players and made them concentrate as hard as they could.

These games weren’t as fast paced as those of today but what made them standout was the fact that unless you truly put your mind to it, you probably wouldn’t be able to solve the layout. Klondike solitaire games pushed the boundaries and presented a challenge that no other game before could give and this is what made them so popular in the early years.

As the genre gained more and more traction, it was only natural that it would go through a few changes and innovations because no matter how good a game is, it can still get repetitive after a while if it remains the same. Many variants of Klondike solitaire games were made that altered that play-style in various different ways. Some tried to deliver a faster paced experience by making players race against a clock while some games added a few more rules to into the mix to increase the difficulty.

After a couple of years the genre was given a pretty massive overhaul. A new formula was developed and this is the formula that’s being used even today. The new era solitaire games felt completely different from the Klondike styled games of before primarily because the core objective was given a major change. The objective in the traditional solitaires was to stack up four columns of cards of each suit starting from the ace to the king. However, in the newer solitaire games players were instead required to clear all cards from the playing field.

With the change to the core objective, the gameplay had to be changed as well. The modern day solitaire games have a completely different layout; each level has a pattern of cards and then a deck of cards in the bottom with one card facing up. To clear cards you must basically click on those that are directly above or below the face up card on the deck which will cause them to be removed from the playing area and be put in place of the face up card. This process is repeated until the entire field is cleared.

The advent of modern day solitaire games was also accompanied by the development of some great online solitaire games as well. The thing that made online solitaire games great was that they allowed you to go against live players from around the world which led to some really engaging experiences.

All said and done, we’d like to conclude this article by recommending that you try out a few solitaire games whenever you have the time because they’re incredibly fun to play and are certain to provide anyone with hours upon hours of enjoyment.

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