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What Makes a Good Solitaire Game

Rate this Article With so many Solitaire games around it can be tough to find one that really stands out, in this article we will discuss what it takes to make a great game. Solitaire Games Online - What Makes a Good Solitaire Game

Making a great game can be difficult, for many reasons, but there are some things that remain true in all of the best Solitaire Games. While a few games rise up to be fabulous there are so many really good games and here we will cover some of the recurring themes and nice little things that make these games we love so enjoyable.

The style of Solitaire game is the first choice to make when designing a game, do you play a classic klondike, or a pyramid style? There are lots of different options, and when you begin there needs to be a clear idea of what type you want to bring out, or if you are creating something new it needs to really grab the attention of players.

Once you decide on the game it needs to look good, and that takes several factors all combined. The first of which is the design of the cards. Both the front and back need to be well drawn, and most games run with a certain theme. The high cards and specials can be really beautifully done with some of the best games having incredible looking cards.

As well as the cards they need to be set against a great background. Plain colours are all well and good, but a great game needs to be something more. From undersea adventures to fairgrounds there are a huge range of choices, and the only limit is your imagination. Creating a backdrop that follows the theme of the cards can also be fun to play.

Another factor is the patterns of cards that are used. As the games are played online there is no maximum limit to the number of cards, nor is there a minimum. This creates the opportunity for some fantastic layouts when you play. They work best with games using a draw pile or match 13 style games.

When all of these come together, its time to look at what else you add to your game. There are many different games that use either special boosters, or extra joker cards and such when you play. Having these extras can add something truly unique to your game.

Many of the best games also have a huge storyline, or even just a simple one that bring a new dimension to Solitaire Games. Whether you are trying to rescue your cat or playing golf against a crazy rodent these stories can be engaging and fun to play through. Making the story match your theme can enhance the game too, especially if the artwork on the cards is true to what you have created.

Another aspect that can make a great game is being able to share it with friends. Either through Facebook or the game itself. Being able to send bonuses, needed items or lives to friends is becoming ever more popular. As well as the competition between people, either by being the furthest through the game, or having the highest score on a particular level. Sharing games is fun, and being able to play with friends is even better.

With so many factors going into what makes a great game, its hard to believe that there are so many available. With more games being developed all the time, and some absolutely amazing quality designs and patterns there is a wonderful world of Solitaire Games to choose from.

At the end of the day, whatever game is created, it needs to be fun. Fun to play and to look at. From the simplest Spider Solitaire to huge games like Solitaire Tales there are some amazing and fun Solitaires around. An we are looking forward to what the future holds for this fantastic genre of gaming.

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