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Why is Solitaire the Best Game for Holidays?

Rate this Article Why should you play Solitaire games while you're on holidays? Solitaire Games Online - Why is Solitaire the Best Game for Holidays?

When you go on holidays, there are three things that you are aiming for. These things are - fun, relaxation and perhaps full control of the things that affect you. Because of these three considerations, you deserve a game that can give you all of those three in one package.

What’s the best game for you to play when you’re on holidays? Why, of course, that would be Solitaire.

Let’s begin with relaxation. When you play Solitaire, you are given goals that are so simple that even a third grader can solve them. There’s some logic to be applied when you play the game, but the logic is not as complicated as those found in mini-games in Hidden Object puzzles, and the like.

Thus, because of the simplicity of the game’s rules and mechanics, you can certainly relax while playing. You can let time pass you by for a bit while you are playing, which is exactly what you are after when you go on a holiday.

In other words, you don’t need to fuss over a lot of things when you go on vacation somewhere. Most games force you think hard, or, at the least, a bit harder than what you’re used to. That defeats the purpose - you went on holiday to escape the grind of daily life, so you don’t need something else giving you pressure and headaches.

With Solitaire, you simply go by a simple and easy-to-grasp logic so you can certainly relax and enjoy playing the game by yourself, or against other people.

That brings us to the next point. How can Solitaire be fun when you’re only playing by yourself? While that is partly true, another truth about the game is that there are now versions that pit you against other players, both real people and AI, in a game of Solitaire.

One example of this is Nertz Solitaire. Employing the rules of Classic Solitaire, the game requires you to beat any member of the Nertz family of squirrels. Each squirrel has his or her own skill level, so they play against you differently. You’d then have to think of ways on how to beat each one of them at their own game, which unfortunately they’re very good at.

While Nertz Solitaire lets you duke it out with AI opponents, Gamehouse Solitaire Challenge takes it differently. In this case, you’ll have to beat other people at their high score in order to be included in the leaderboards. So, there’s more to just playing Solitaire on your own in this game - you have enough incentive to be competitive here.

Most of all, these games let you proceed in your own pace. There are no deadlines or time limits to beat here, only the scores of your opponents. You’re in full control here - not your boss, your project leaders, or anyone in real life that keeps bothering you and giving you stress.

Solitaire may look simple on its own, but it’s a really good stress reliever.

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