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Sunday, January 4, 2015

5 Great Looking Solitaire Games

Solitaire games are the kind of games that people play for the gameplay rather than the way they look, but today we take a peek at some of the best looking Solitaire Games. Zombie Solitaire Solitaire Safari Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragons Solitaire Atlantis Solitaire Chronicles Although graphics aren’t the main focus of these games, it still can’t be denied that a better looking game will definitely please its players a lot more which is exactly why solitaire games are seeing all these graphical improvements and in this blog we’ll be covering some of the solitaire game that aren’t just fun to play but are great to look at as well.

What defines a beautiful solitaire isn’t just sharp visuals and bright colors, the game needs to look unique and have an art style that’s rarely seen before so that it may stand out in the genre that’s filled with generic games and fortunately there are multiple different games that have managed to do so by setting the game in a unique setting or basing it off some mythical elements and then replicating those mythical elements within the game to make it look brilliant.

We found a few of our games that we felt look really good to play, and we wanted to share them with you today.

Zombie Solitaire
The concept of zombies in solitaire games is pretty much as far as you can go from the generic game design. The game has an incredible art style and looks truly stunning thanks to a variety of different reasons such as the great looking zombie designs on cards and an incredibly sleek user interface backing it up.

Solitaire Safari
Solitaire Safari takes players to the outdoors so while playing this game you’ll often notice that the backgrounds of the playing field are filled with amazing views of nature and these views are exactly what make the game so good to look at. It’s also worth mentioning that the cards used in the game also look pretty clean and elegant.

Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragons
As the name already implies, this solitaire game implements great looking dragons into the visuals and has an overall medieval setting. The card designs are stunning and generally have some cool medieval art on them such as soldiers, kings and things like that. The backgrounds of the game also look amazing and will often consist of giant castles that are great to look at.

Solitaire Atlantis
As you play through Solitaire Atlantis you’ll be taken into an underwater city where pretty much every single visual element looks perfect. There’s so much to say about the game when it comes to its graphics such as how good the setting looks, the incredible amount of detail in the background and of course the top quality card designs.

Solitaire Chronicles
Solitaire Chronicles is a game that looks great despite not having a lot going on in terms of detail. What gives Solitaire Chronicles a great visual outlook is how clean the game looks. When playing through this game you’ll notice that the interface is incredibly sleek and there aren’t any unnecessary extras on the screen.

All the solitaire games mentioned above not only impressed us with their gameplay but with their graphics and visual aspects as well so it’s definitely recommended that you try each of these games out as they all have some great experiences to offer.