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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Play Fun HTML 5 Solitaire Games on the PlayMarket!

We've got some of the best HTML 5 solitaire games around. Stick around and play a game or two! Play Fun HTML 5 Solitaire Games on the PlayMarket! Want to play some games without all the hassle of having to download the game or even to log in? We've got just the place for you!

Introducing the brand-new PlayMarket! We've recently refurbished the entire site, filling it with the most addictive and fun HTML 5 games that you can play completely free. There's no need to download the game or even log in before you can start playing games on our site. This is a far cry from sites that force you to log in your social media account or to provide an email address prior to playing... though, we do have Facebook fan page that you can choose to like (or not, we don't mind either way!).

Ultimately, the main reason you should play games on PlayMarket is definitely the amazingly fun games. All of the games here are high-quality solitaire games, handpicked to cater to fans of the game genre. However, if you don't feel like playing online solitaire, there are plenty more games for you to choose from, ranging from hidden objects to shop simulations; and from casual games like match-3 and bubble shooters to arcade games.

The fact that these games are HTML 5 games also mean that they don't constantly bug you with the "install a Flash plug-in" pop-up, which frankly is just bothersome. Plus, being HTML 5, you can run the games on your Google Chrome browser without so much as a hitch! But of course, if you prefer using Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, or any of the other web browsers, you can use them as well! Our website is also optimized for all sorts of screens and browsers, and it loads really fast. There's hardly any waiting time from the time you arrive on our website to the time you start playing your favorite game.

Not to mention, we do not put any ads in our games (only on the website itself and those ads aren't at all intrusive). In comparison, if you've played a mobile game created by a really greedy developer before, you should know enough to hate the annoying feeling of having to wait through around 15 to 30 seconds of a dreaded video ad just to play a single level of a game. Imagine having to do that for thousands of levels... how much time have you spent watching ads that you don't want to?

Overall, we're looking to create a fun and safe place for gamers of all ages to play some free HTML 5 games. If you'd like to play some ad-free browser games, you'll know where to head to... the Play Market!