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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Faerie Solitaire Harvest Free

Faerie Solitaire Harvest Free: Collecting magic dusts Ending a combo in Faerie Solitaire Harvest Free Faerie Solitaire Harvest Free: Starting a new level Save the faerie by clearing the board of any solitaire cards in this surprisingly strategic game

Use the various tools you’re given, like Wild Card, combos and the Spare slot, to earn more points

Go premium and unlock a ton more features like pets, talent tree, and lots more worlds to play and explore
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Solitaire Paradise: Tripeaks

Solitaire Paradise: Tripeaks - Classic Solitaire A Hammer Booster in Solitaire Paradise: Tripeaks Solitaire Paradise: Tripeaks - Getting a Fanta's Combo Travel to a lost paradise beneath the waves and discover all kinds of hidden treasure

Try your luck and pray for the right card to appear to get the bonus rolling

Utilize the many boosters available to get yourself out of a bind and blast your way to victory
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Friday, August 30, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Live Solitaire

Making an Ace Foundation in Live Solitaire Live Solitaire - Emoting with Others Using a Magic Star in Live Solitaire Engage in an exciting game of Solitaire with your friends and other players around the world

Show off your Solitaire tricks and master the way to earn the most points to beat the others

Be the best Solitaire player in the world and sit at the top of the leaderboard
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Friday, August 23, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks

Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks building a tower Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks challenging level Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks gameplay Play this exceptional solitaire game that truly is a cut above the rest.

Build your own tower as you progress through the game by utilizing the currency earned from levels.

Make your way through tons upon tons of challenging yet creative levels that are sure to provide you with an enjoyable experience.
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Tales of Rome: Solitaire

Tales of Rome: Solitaire gameplay Tales of Rome: Solitaire challenging level Tales of Rome: Solitaire mini-game Enjoy this spectacular solitaire game that’ll have you glued to your screen for hours upon hours.

Make your way through challenging levels that are sure to put your solitaire skills to the test.

Play exciting mini-games whenever you need a break from the usual solitaire gameplay.
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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Solitaire Ocean Adventure

Solitaire Ocean Adventure starting off Solitaire Ocean Adventure gameplay Solitaire Ocean Adventure level selection Play this captivating solitaire game that you can enjoy in the comfort of your mobile device.

Make your way through hundreds of expertly crafted levels that are sure to test your skills.

Enjoy the exciting visuals that will have you completely immersed once you get into the game.
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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Solitaire Daily – Card Games

Solitaire Daily – Card Games gameplay Solitaire Daily – Card Games making progress Solitaire Daily – Card Games starting off Play this classical solitaire game that you can enjoy on your mobile device whenever you have the time.

Enjoy a variety of gorgeous and highly detailed backgrounds as you play through the game.

Complete the objective as quickly as you can to get a large number of points upon finishing.
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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Předána Nová Hra: Solitaire Detective 2 - Accidental Witness

Solitaire Detective 2: Accidental Witness - Unlocking with a Key Witness to a Robbery in Solitaire Detective 2: Accidental Witness Solitaire Detective 2: Accidental Witness - The Joker How would you respond if you were an accidental witness to a crime?

Get lucky with the cards and you might receive new insights on how to crack the case

Follow the trail of clues and put an end to the crime spree
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