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4 Best Christmas-Themed Solitaire Games on

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Love solitaire AND Christmas? We’ve got just the games for you! Solitaire Spiele Online - 4 Best Christmas-Themed Solitaire Games on

Welcome the most festive season of the year by playing the solitaire games that you love the most! Here are four of the best Christmas-themed solitaire games on

Freecell Christmas

Enjoy the Christmas spirit with a game or two of Christmas-themed freecell games with Freecell Christmas! It features a classic freecell gameplay where you’ll need to collect all the cards starting from aces right up to kings to the card-holding area at the top, but the twist here is that you’ve got only 10 minutes to do so. Can you make it?

Play some freecell:

Solitaire Classic Christmas

Want more freecell solitaire? Well, you can definitely give Solitaire Classic Christmas a try! The gameplay here is really “classic-styled”, offering only 2 gameplay variations, namely Draw-1 or Draw-3 modes. However, unlike many other freecell games out there, you can choose to play the game “left-handed” or “right-handed”, which basically inverts the placement of the cards. The music is very soothing here, though the background does look a tad bit plain. There’s no time limit here per se, but the game do help you record your time in case you want to beat your best time.

Play more freecell solitaire:

Christmas Solitaire

Can’t get enough of freecell solitaire? You’re definitely in luck – we’ve got one more freecell game to recommend! Although the gameplay is pretty much the same, this game has a more colorful background than Solitaire Classic Christmas and the music is more upbeat. However, unlike the latter, this game is time-limited, giving you around 6 minutes or so to complete the game. Of course, the faster you are, the higher score you’ll get!

Play even more freecell solitaire:

Christmas Tripeaks

Christmas Tripeaks is the odd one among the other three solitaire games on this list mainly because it’s not a freecell game – it’s classic solitaire! So, your goal in this game is to collect a card one value higher or lower than the card at the bottom until there are no more cards left in the playing field. There are power-ups like Wild card and Reveal, which will let you take a quick peek at the face-down cards on the board, that you can use as well. Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the clock!

Play some tripeaks solitaire instead:

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