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Best Solitaire Games for Android

Diesen Artickel einschätzen These three Solitaire games should be in your mobile phone. Solitaire Spiele Online - Best Solitaire Games for Android

As the opportunity has already presented itself, several developers have come forward to develop games for mobile devices. Much of these are found in the Android platform, a popular open source mobile operating system that is implemented in the devices produced by more than 10 electronics companies around the world.

The market is a lively one, with hundreds of games available to download for free or for a price. Solitaire games, being already popular in the PC realm, are also highly preferred games in the mobile device segment. With so many of these games available for download, however, it can become confusing which ones you should play.

One game you should definitely check out is Solitaire Safari. Also available as a Facebook game, the Android port doesn’t deviate much from the original at all. You still play through the story of two explorers who are out to solve the mystery of the footprint of an unknown animal that they have discovered in the African jungles. To progress through the story, you’ll have to pay through tons of unique and challenging levels that, while built upon the basic concepts of any Solitaire game, bring their own distinctive flavor into the gameplay.

Clear level upon level by eliminating all the cards found on each one of them. To eliminate the cards, you’ll have to pick a card that’s lower or higher by one in number than the card that’s face down on the deck. As the game progresses, you’ll encounter special cards called Water cards. These cards provide additional challenge as you dive deeper into the narrative.

You need not worry about monotony when playing this mobile Solitaire game. The game has tons of challenges and levels to take care of, so you’ll have plenty to get by with for countless hours of gaming.

Another title that you should be installing on your phone is Pyramid Solitaire Saga. Coming from the creators of the popular Candy Crush Saga match-3 game, one can expect the same challenges and enjoyment from this casual game. The game takes you through archaeological sites in Egypt, where you can uncover clues that will lead you to answers regarding the Ancient World.

The gameplay is similar to Solitaire Safari, but adds in a layer of challenge by requiring you to collect Scarabs hidden under the Cards.

The game also employs a social networking feature, just like its Facebook counterpart. As long as there’s a Wi-Fi connection, you and your friends can take on the challenges of the game together!

Last but not the least, you should try and install Solitaire in Wonderland. A twist to the popular Alice in Wonderland story, this game offers you 180 levels of pure Solitaire fun and enjoyment right inside your mobile phone. Its Facebook version is even more popular, with levels reaching up to 400 and currently rising.

Solitaire in Wonderland also lets you take on your friends and compete in the scores that you attain in each levels of the game. There’s nothing more challenging and motivating than to try and surpass the scores that your friends have attained.

It’s an exciting time in the world right now. Everything that you need to access information and keep yourself entertained are now literally at your fingertips! With one or even all three of these games in your mobile phone, there’s never a dull moment anymore in any of your days.

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