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Big Fish Solitaire Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen In recent years Big Fish have taken the Solitaire genre to a new height, and here are some of their best games that we feel you should try at least once. Solitaire Spiele Online - Big Fish Solitaire Games

Recently there has been a surge in really high quality solitaire games, and many of them have come from the distributor and developer Big Fish. While some of these games are free and some are not, they are all arguably a lot of fun to play and have some real depth and stories that give them a unique feel. In this article we will be bringing you 5 of the best games available, and why we think they are in this list.

At the top of the list, and for a reason we have Fairway Solitaire. A free game with a twist that just keeps you going. Using the Pyramid style the aim of the game is to clear the board through stacking up the cards. Sounds easy, but along the way you have many golf related items, such as bunkers, rough ground and of course, gophers. With fun announcers edging you on and a truly brilliant style this game has a lot of levels and achievements for you to enjoy.

Solitaire Egypt takes you on a dream adventure through this much loved historical period. Here you can mix with the Pharo’s and try your hand at a fun Pyramid poker. By clearing the cards you build up points, and the more points you have the better your score in the level. There are many tools and items that you can use to help you and with a lot of levels there is something for everyone here.

For more of an adventure, take a look at Crime Solitaire 2. Here you are solving a mystery, using a mixture of problem solving and solitaire skills you are hot on the chase. With clues to find in the games, and cards themed to the story you have a thrilling game waiting for you. Can you solve the mystery in time by finding all the clues? Can you use your items and boosters wisely and in the best way to catch the villain before it’s too late?

Avalon Legends Solitaire is a stunning adventure, set in a magical time of fuedal kings and unicorns. Here you need to save your kingdom from an invading force of evil, using your matching skills and some of the more wild and random magics you pick up you can try to hold off the great enemy. With a huge amount of levels, different boosters and free wildcards to find there is a lot going for you in this stunning game.

Rebuild your kingdom in The Far Kingdoms: Age of Solitaire. A place where you travel through a dark landscape and bring order and light. By finding tools, items and materials you can build your kingdom once more. And of course there is a lot of fun solitaire action waiting for you too. Here you have a brilliant adventure just waiting to be played.

And there we have it, 5 of our favorite games from Big Fish, and we have many more if you wish to take a look, simply click on our Big Fish Solitaire Games List and discover a world of adventure and lots of fun solitaire games. We hope you find something amazing and fun right here today.

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