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Facebook Instant Games: Social Media Gaming’s Future?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen How and why is Facebook Instant Games leading the way in further developing gaming in social media platforms? Solitaire Spiele Online - Facebook Instant Games: Social Media Gaming’s Future?

Facebook since its launch in 2004 has integrated with several services through apps and plug-ins. They used to deal with in-house platforms until 2007 when the social media platform opened its doors for third-party developers to design apps and games. It was a constant stream of trial and error until 2009, when Zynga’s Farmville reported to have 60 million users by the year's end. Years pass, and we have a service complete with a solid streamer base, exclusive titles, and a standalone app. So what makes Facebook Instant Games appealing to a wide audience?

A haven for casual gamers


Hardcore and traditional gamers often scoff at the idea of playing games on the Meta platform. Facebook Instant games make it possible for casual or older gamers to find a fun title without the unnecessary complications that are usually found in more serious games. The ease of play usually includes a mouse-friendly environment and simple objectives that do not need a guide to get used to. Click to harvest crops, click to match a set of tokens, and click to find an object are what you’d normally do in many of the most popular titles to date.

Almost zero accessibility issues

Farm Hero Saga

The lack of high-end requirements to play Facebook Instant Games is a hit for many people. No need for an expensive and high-spec machine to get the best out of playing. Even the Facebook Gameroom app only requires a good internet connection to start. As long as you have a browser and working internet, playing a favorite on Facebook is no fuss.

A massive library of games

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There are a lot of titles you can try on the platform. With the ever-expanding and rapidly-updating library, there is going to be something to your liking. Many titles whose qualities are normally found on consoles before can be played on Facebook Instant Games. Games include the time-honored match-3 and a growing range of social sims.

Playing and competing with friends

Candy Crush Saga

Let’s not forget one of the best features of Facebook as a gaming platform: the social aspects. You can add your social network friends who have the same gaming preference. This also works in reverse that you can find a friend close enough to be added to your friends list. Some games have a little of multiplayer elements in them. A few examples are you can help develop a friend’s community on some sim game titles, or compete in a scoring match with Facebook friends anytime, all the time. You may even chance upon a few games that offer real-time competition with a chosen online friend. It’s going to be a great conversation piece – coupled with earning bragging rights within your circle. A healthy rivalry can spice friendships up in unexpected ways.

Bubble Witch Saga

Facebook Instant Gaming is the future of playing your favorites on social media. It forms an ever-expanding community and a refuge for players who are not in the demanding sphere of more committed gamers. With easy requirements, mostly simple gameplay, and accessibility through HTML5 technology, all you need to worry about is how to have fun.

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