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Free Solitaire Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen In this article we will be taking a peek at some of our favorite Free Solitaire Games, with a variety of styles there are some great items for you to see. Solitaire Spiele Online - Free Solitaire Games

Solitaire Arena is a competitive game where you play live against someone else in a tournament. The faster you clear the cards the more points you score, the player with the most points moves on to the next round. With prizes to be won there is a lot of fun to be found here. Though faster than some games the competitive edge can be a huge attraction, and it is really engaging when you get going.

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures is a fast paced game where you have to beat the clock. It may sound tough but when you get into the game it really feels amazing. The gameplay is unique and you can find a lot of nice treasures at the bottom of your piles and it adds a unique feel to the solitaire genre. Join one of the biggest communities of players on Facebook as you journey through a huge range of levels and lots of different styles of game.

For more of an adventure look at Solitaire Tales where the Deckromancer has stolen the deck of power and it is up to you to go and recover it. With a fun story and lots of different solitaire levels there is a lot to do here. There are different styles available so the game never gets dull and you are rewarded for high scores with extra bonuses and prizes. This mix really makes for a great game, and you can play with your friends too.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is an oldie but a goodie. With one of the genre defining game styles this is a classic game with a lot of people still playing. Here you can play at your own pace and find some pretty fun and challenging levels using, as you would have guessed the Pyramid playstyle. Though it may feel a little dated the game more than makes up for its look with the sheer enjoyment you will feel as you progress through.

If you are looking for something simple, then Sea Towers Solitaire is a good place to go. A classic Klondike game you simply need to work from the Ace up by suit to win. It sounds simple, but as with all Solitaire games it can have it’s own little surprises. A fun game with a cute design there is a lot of fun to be found and it is a nice way to pass the time.

So there we have a variety of our different Free Solitaire Games, we hope that you enjoyed the list and some of the games. If not please do take a look at our selection and see for yourself just how much fun you can have.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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