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Power-Ups in Solitaire Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Although they weren’t that big of a factor in the traditional Klondike Solitaire games, power-ups have become one of the biggest attractions of modern day solitaire releases and in this article we’ll be talking about why they’ve become so and will also be going into a bit more detail regarding them. Solitaire Spiele Online - Power-Ups in Solitaire Games

Before talking about these power-ups in more detail, it’d be wise to first talk about why they’re such an important part of these games. The primary reason for their existence is the fact that they simply add a lot more flavor to the experience. Pretty much everyone will agree that if you take a modern day solitaire game and play it without utilizing the power-ups you’ll have a much less engaging experience.

Another reason they’ve become such a crucial aspect of every single solitaire game nowadays is the fact that they add a lot of strategic depth. The overall formula of solitaire games nowadays is pretty straightforward and simple so without power-ups it would become a pretty repetitive game. Power-ups add a lot of strategic depth to the games, you constantly have to choose between unveiling a new card or utilizing a power-up to keep your combo going for higher points, these are the choices that make the gameplay so dynamic and so fun.

Onto the power-ups themselves, first off is the wildcard. The wildcard is without a doubt one of the most useful and common power-ups throughout the entire genre. By using the wildcard you basically get a free pass on your next turn and can remove any card you want from the playing field. This card is a life saver in various cases such as when you want to keep a combo going or if you want to complete a level but are running rather low on moves.

Second is the whirlwind power-up, also referred to as the tornado or shuffle in some games. This power-up is best thought of as more of a last ditch effort kind of thing. What it does is that it completely shuffles the entire layout of cards that’s currently on the playing field. Using this power-up completely changes the landscape of a level so we advise using it only when absolutely necessary. In cases when it’s utilized properly, it can singlehandedly turn a level on its head and allow you to finish it with a high score.

Like the wildcard, another really common power-up is the point booster. The point booster does exactly what the name implies, for a limited amount of time it increases the score you get for removing cards by a pretty massive amount. The optimal use of this power-up would be in situations in which you’re confident you can get a combo going. Combining the point booster with a large 10 or 11 card combo leads to an incredible score that pretty much guarantees three stars at the end of the level.

Overall, power-ups are pretty essential components of modern day solitaire games for all the reasons mentioned above and more. While on the topic of solitaire games, we strongly recommend that you try out a few of its releases as they’re full of fun and enjoyment.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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