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Solitaire Games for the Yuletide Season

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Get a hold of some wonderfully themed Solitaire Games bringing forth the spirit of Christmas with their pertaining plot and presentation. Enjoy a merrier yuletide season with their bunch as you get to know a few of them in this short article. Solitaire Spiele Online - Solitaire Games for the Yuletide Season

Today we share some great solitaire games to enjoy a merrier yuletide season with their pertaining theme and challenge. To get us started, we share to you the game Christmas Solitaire. One great thing about big fish games is that they always share an hour of free trial. The same can be enjoyed with this game prior to even purchasing the full game. With all sorts of customization with the game, you may delightfully enjoy a Christmas themed solitaire game. From the card designs, the background, and even the accompanying background music pertains to hold the Christmas vibe.

As it is with most game titles from Bigfish, Christmas Solitaire offers a complete game upon purchase. This means that the game is not hindered by the usual bunch of movement penalties. More so, the game offers quite the collection of levels to beat, with increasing tasks as you progress through them. In reward, you also gain coins to fetch you some power ups in order to help you clear the concluding levels a whole lot faster.

If the cold winter breeze starts to kick in and gets you feeling the Christmas mood in the air - Solitaire Game: Christmas should stir up an even greater mood attuned with the season and should pack some really challenging levels to enjoy and get you busy with.

And then there is the game Lapland Solitaire from the same publisher. Like as any, the game pertains to lend us some 60 minutes of play to try out the game prior to actual purchase. In this game, you are thrown in for some 200 unique level layouts to play with. A clock is also set to hand you daily challenges - 25 days before Christmas.

In Lapland Solitaire, Santa has tasked you to build the new Lapland. You will try to earn chocolate coins through the levels in order to fund and build the Lapland of your dreams. Several tweaks have been imposed to provide a new sense of rendition to the popular card game but still share the same objective of giving a nice degree of challenge and simple entertainment.

The ultimate goal in the game is to clear the cards on the table - by combining the card next to the stack with cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value: for example, the Queen will combine with the Jack as well as the King. The longer you can keep chaining the sequence of the cards, the more your combo gauge will rise resulting to more points to receive.

The game is also prompted with twist mechanics like hindering the access to the locked stack of cards until you clear the cards with keys in them in the playing field and some cards that are blocked with ice. As you progress through the levels, you will be introduced with new obstacles to give you the challenge. As you clear these levels, you are rewarded with chocolate coins that may earn you special items to boost your game.

Such items are the Christmas Tree which allows gives you the chance to undo a particular move you made, the Elf Hut that gives you the joker card which can assume any value of a card, Mrs. Claus Bakery that removes all the top layer cards at once and many more as you progress.

The two games combined – should offer quite a refreshing treat among the usual bunch of solitaire games that we get to play. They sure are a perfect match for the season and still get you the same card-sequencing challenge that you love.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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