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Solitaire Games on Mobile Platform

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Today we line you up with 5 Solitaire games that you have previously enjoyed over your PCs (might that be from Big Fish, or Facebook), and now ported over the mobile platform. Get to play your favorites while you're on the go! Let's all check them out. Solitaire Spiele Online - Solitaire Games on Mobile Platform

First on our list is the game Pyramid Solitaire. Following the success of candy crush saga, the game enthralls every bit of element that you'd expect from any King released game – built with polished graphics, well balanced game play, and the simply addictive. Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a puzzle game that is heavily influenced by the mechanics of Golf Solitaire. The portrayed rules of the original game that were obviously borrowed are the limited pool of cards from where the player picks a card, and the basic game mechanic of arranging cards by their manner of progression either by increments or decrements.

In this game however, sets of numbered tiles took the place of playing cards and several additional sets of rules have been implemented to elevate its entertainment factor. For the competitive bunch and its patrons, a mobile platform counterpart of the game is available both in the Android market and in iOS. The game gets an easy recommendation as there is a lot here to like.

Next on our list is the adorable game Solitaire Safari. One rather unique thing about Solitaire Safari is that there’s a plot included in the game – which by all means is uncommon to solitaire games. Here, two explorers find out that a rather uncommon footprint has been discovered in the depths of the African jungles so they basically come out here to see where or to what creature it came from.

Its gameplay is pretty much similar to that of your typical Golf Solitaire version of a game. Other than that, there are the minute additions of different types of cards like water cards which by themselves bring in some new elements in the game. Aside these seemingly new mechanics, Solitaire Safari also boots a ton of levels to get you challenged. The levels are all divided into different environments to explore – which in turn gets the game a fresh new look every time, rendering it far from being stale or dull, even after playing for long periods of time.

Solitaire Perfect Match on the other hand re-invents the solitaire game formula altogether to create a new and exciting gameplay on its own. Scoring comes from matching items, and the more you match one after the other, the better the results you get bonuses in the process.

More so, there are a few interesting ideas such as making suit matches, color matches or even using some boosters that you can choose at the start of each level in order to make things more interesting. Solitaire Perfect Match comes with a multitude of levels, and all of them are designed to bring in front those things you like the most. You can get multiple challenges as you play, and with 99 levels there’s a ton of content to be had for sure.

Next we have Solitaire in Wonderland to add up to our list. Similar to Solitaire Safari, this game gets pumped up with its own intriguing plot too. Loosely based on the famed Alice in Wonderland story, the main objective over the entire game is to accomplish a challenge that is usually in the form of unlocking specified target cards while attending through the actual phase of playing solitaire. Just like in any solitaire game, the same rule of arranging cards by their manner of progression applies. On deck, you are given a pool of card from where you generate and select the matching card to sequence your given sets of cards. As you progress throughout the game, you will be given the familiar bread crumb trailing of events that uncovers the backing story of the game.

Last on our list is the game Solitaire Tales. The chase is on as you scour to cleanse the land from all evil with the use some magic cards. Solitaire Tales pits you against the evil Deckromancer, you are tasked to chase him down as he runs off with the Deck of Power. While at it, you ultimately get hindered by the series of Solitaire Games that you have to beat in order to advance in the game. Solitaire Tales is a really well designed game, is downright fun, and has quite an entertaining storyline to follow through as you play the game.

Alas! That makes up our updated list of games, already available on the mobile platform, get a quick review on them on our site, and search for their titles in your respective app download centers if you wish to once again enjoy them. All of which are 100% free-of-charge, and are very much entertaining to boot.

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