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Some of the Best Single-Player Games in the World Today

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Are you planning to try out a new single-player experience? If you haven't made a choice on which games to try out yet, here are a few suggestions: Solitaire Spiele Online - Some of the Best Single-Player Games in the World Today

In today’s world of massively multiplayer online gaming, it is easy to forget that many people still prefer to play solo. Single-player games have been played in different forms for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Solitaire is probably one of the most famous options available, and these days many good versions can be played through a browser. It is this type of access that makes single-player games attractive to some. There is no need to buy a game when a player can just jump on the internet and start playing.

Single-player games are available in all different forms as well. There are many options for consoles and PCs, as well as smartphones. However, there are also other choices that you may not have heard of or had simply forgotten about.

Here are some of the best and more unusual games and why single-player games still hold up well today.

Why choose a single-player game?

For many, playing together online is what gaming is all about. Gamers can join up to Fortnite or PUBG and then play against friends they know in the real world or ones that they met online.

Some play solo in Battle-Royale-style games, and some prefer to join clans and play in teams. Although some of these games are decried for their violence, they have other redeeming qualities. These games can help improve communication, teamwork and increase an understanding of loyalty.

But, for some gamers, playing alone is the better option. Some solitaire games can train your focus, while other single-player games have a backstory that gamers can immerse themselves in. Other players simply do not like the politics that come with some clan and team games and like to play alone.

Are single-player games popular today?

Single-player games come in all manner of forms. There is obviously solitaire, which is believed to have first appeared toward the end of the18th century, but there are also many more. Some of which you may not have heard of.

One of the more popular solo games is normally found in casinos, although in the UK they are common in public houses too. Slot machines bring in around 70% of a gaming establishment’s income and they are equally popular online on sites such as Energy Casino. If you consider the number of people who visit Las Vegas every year, you can perhaps imagine just how many people enjoy slots.

Single-player games would also have had a rise in popularity over the last year as people stayed at home more and isolated due to the pandemic.

What are the popular single-player games now?

One of the biggest solo player games that have ever been invented for digital play has to be Tetris. Alexey Pajitnov, a lifetime puzzle games fan, invented Tetris in 1984. The game has a strange history that is linked to the Cold War, and licensing of the game became very murky.

The amount of versions of Tetris under different publishers makes it hard for official figures to be made, but there are estimations of more than 500 million sales. For his part, Parjitnov said that he made the game for fun and to see if he could do it. He wanted no profits, and perhaps that is just as well as estimates suggest he missed out on around $40 million.

Other popular single-player games are, of course, played on electronic devices, including smartphones. One game that seems to just keep on going is Candy Crush. A simple puzzle game that has achieved 2.7 billion downloads, it is one of the most played mobile device apps ever.

The strange single-player game in Japan

Pachinko machines in Japan

Japan has been the source of many video game classics. Indeed, many of the consoles that have shaped the video gaming world have all originated from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nintendo, Sony, and Sega are Japanese and responsible for giving the world Mario, Zelda, and Sonic. Nintendo started out by making card games, which were linked to gambling and the Yakuza. But, it is another type of gambling game that is huge in Japan now.

Around nine million people play a game called Pachinko in Japan today. Although the game has been dropping in popularity over the years, it remains hugely popular and is one of the few ways that gambling is allowed.

This strange hybrid of slot machine and pinball attracts a loyal following and is so popular that there are dedicated Pachinko parlors to play in. Strangely, it is rarely found anywhere outside of Japan.

Video games have the biggest choice

When it comes to single-player games, digital markets such as Steam are the place to visit. Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Resident Evil Village, and The Outer Worlds, have all shown that there is life left in the single-player format.

In fact, looking through the best-selling games of all time it is clear that single-player games are still wildly popular. While many enjoy shooting others online, there is still a great need for a story-based game that requires skill and puzzle-solving.

Are single-player games anti-social?

Many parents have implored their children to move away from the game they are playing and go outside to play. There are some games though that can be played solo and multiplayer.

Minecraft is one of those exceptions where parents, teachers, and children all agree that it has educational value. It can be great for learning creative skills and introducing concepts such as teamwork.

For adults, one single-player game that many have forgotten is making a comeback, and it is very sociable. Bingo halls have been in decline in some regions for years, but websites such as Energy Casino have helped to bring them back.

Online bingo is now more popular than ever. Even though it is played solo, there are chat rooms to try and keep the social aspects of the game alive.


Single-player games have the benefit of being able to play without any pressure from teammates or clans. Mistakes can be made in private, and new skills learned.

While some people might think solo games are anti-social, they can help improve focus, learn problem-solving skills, and in the case of bingo, maybe even win some money.

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