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Tactics in Solitaire Games: Pyramid

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Solitaire is an incredibly popular game, enjoyed over the lot of solitaire titles out there. May they be simply the laidback type of challenges for the casual players of game, or the competitive ones that are integrated to social media platforms to bring out some faster-paced and more challenging game sessions.

As we continue on our array of articles delving onto specific strategies to earn victory in their stingy challenges, we bring you these simple tips to get you a footing towards beating Pyramid Solitaire.
Solitaire Spiele Online - Tactics in Solitaire Games: Pyramid

Pyramid Solitaire, also known as King Tut or Tut's Tomb, is probably one of the more challenging type of solitaire that plays a whole lot differently from that of the usual Klondike and Golf Solitaire. Similar enough though, the ultimate goal is to clear the given deal of cards in the table by simply removing the cards adding up to a total value of 13, or other forms having to remove cards in incrementing or decrementing values (e.g. 5 and 6, or 7 and then 6).

One of the more famous games that hone this version of solitaire is Pyramid Solitaire Saga by King (same makers of Candy Crush Saga) – which offers quite a maddening level of difficulty despite the entry of boosters in the game. And though the same is true with any particular and legit form of solitaire (having those astronomical chances of success in each session), pyramid solitaire offers its own sets of challenges to its challengers.

To get us started with tips, we offer quite a bit of the obvious remedies to screen out any plausible stale game prior to even getting started playing any game. For starters, one may simply scan the given array of cards (built in the pyramid form), to see if the game is obviously unwinnable. For example, if you have an “8” card stuck in the top row, and has all the 7’s piled underneath it, the game can obviously never be won. it's buried under all four 6's, you cannot ever win the game.

With games like Pyramid Solitaire Saga (having those limited number of card draws in every game), “Careful planning of each move” greatly helps you lean towards solving the given puzzle in any given level. With similar games having a limited number of draw cards (typically your number of moves in the game), having to use as few cards as possible will never work against you. Take the time to figure out more sensible combos to pull off, with the available cards for pairing. Being able to remove more cards at play with the use of fewer draws is a big key to win and progress in the game.

In the legit form the game though, try to consider playing “Kings” whenever possible. A king needs no other match, so any time you can play a king, whether from the pyramid or the stock pile, there's no reason not to play it immediately. Also, if you are playing multiple times through the deck, never make a match between your stock pile and waste pile until you get to complete one whole round. Having figured all available cards and their sequence of appear, you get to plan accordingly in your next deal of draw.

In simple terms, you should delay your decisions as long as possible. Also never pass up a card you need, but always try to earn a tad bit more information with regards to the succession of events you get to put into play before removing any card/s at play – to situate you in a more favorable place in the game. Lastly, try to remove the pyramid evenly on both sides, to get you an even flip of information flowing throughout the reveal of cards in the pyramid rather than stacking one end and having to figure a stale with a last line of five-deep stacked cards (which in return means that you need to unveil and sequence five specific cards in order to win).

On our next article on the series, we’ll tackle more solitaire versions, as well as the tactics to render better results in every session. Until then, happy card sequencing, and puzzle solving!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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