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The Future of Solitaire Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There is a growing following for Solitaire games, they are and always will be fun, but what does the future hold for us players? Solitaire Spiele Online - The Future of Solitaire Games

Of all the video game genres out there, the genre of solitaire games is without a doubt one that's seen the most evolution , changes and multitudes of improvements over the years. In this article we'll be discussing what the future has in store for these simple yet highly engaging games that can get anyone hooked.

Something that definitely needs to be implemented in solitaire games, and probably will be quite soon, are more power-ups. In their current state, solitaire games offer a few power-ups like shuffle, undo and such but they'd feel a lot more enjoyable if there were more available that players could utilize during gameplay.

For example, a power-up that would allow players to slow down time would be great or a power-up that would double the points per every successful move would also make things a lot more interesting. Similar to this there are many ways in which they can be implemented and they eventually will be if the genre keeps progressing at the rate it is now.

As it stands right now, while the core gameplay of solitaire games is quite fun, something that's slowly becoming an issue is the fact that they don't really offer many game modes to enjoy. There are usually two kinds of modes; the casual mode in which there's no time limit and the hardcore mode where players are racing against the clock to complete the level as soon as possible.

While these two are great, some other modes would help any game out tremendously. An example of a new game mode would be a restricted mode in which you can't use any power-ups or other things like undo, this would certainly spice things up quite a bit and can potentially attract a greater audience to the games as well.

Visual improvements are also something that should and probably will occur in upcoming solitaire games. This isn't to say that solitaire games of the current day look bad though, they still look great, have a variety of different themes and overall have top notch design but something they seem to lack are animations. If future solitaire games were to focus a tad bit on making a more animation heavy solitaire game then that would be great for the genre as a whole since pretty much the only thing it truly lacks are some flashy effects.

Different kinds of multiplayer modes would take this genre to a whole new level. While some of the current day solitaire games have some great multiplayer, most of it revolves around playing against someone however if this was changed and players were allowed to play together in a way then that would lead to some great gameplay experience that surely everyone would appreciate quite a lot.

All things considered, the ideas mentioned above are merely suggestions. Solitaire games in their current state are pretty solid but there's still always room for improvement. We also recommend trying a few out sometime so you can see for yourself how great they are.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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