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Things that can Drive You Crazy in Solitaire

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Solitaire games are really addictive and most of the time really fun to play but sometimes there are certain events that take place in these games that can drive the players crazy and in this article we’ll be covering a few of these things. Solitaire Spiele Online - Things that can Drive You Crazy in Solitaire

First off, the thing that gets most to players is when they run out of moves. Most of the time a player will be really close to closing out a level and clenching victory but just as they’re about to complete a level they run out of available moves and therefore have to start from scratch again. This is especially true for difficult levels that require a lot of focus and strategy to complete. All things considered, it’s one of the things that can drive any player nuts while playing a solitaire game.

Moving further, another thing that often gets to players is the fact that they’re looking at the same things over and over again. Granted that a few solitaire games today give players the option of choosing from many different art styles and visual backgrounds but that can’t be said for all games so some solitaire games use the same color schemes, card designs and background over and over again which is something that can really put people off while playing these games. This problem can easily be remedied by adding things such as extra backgrounds and different kinds of playing cards to choose from.

Most modern Solitaire games come with helpful power-ups that can aid you in various different ways. Their helpful effects range from removing a specific card to giving you extra moves to complete the level. The concept of power-ups has become such an integral part of solitaire games that the games without them can feel rather dull and uninteresting to most people. Another thing that comes with the lack of power-ups is unnecessary difficulty that simply shouldn’t be there so any solitaire game nowadays without power-ups will naturally be rather uninteresting to players.

One of the most annoying elements in certain solitaire games is that they sometimes give you layouts that are impossible to solve, or at least look impossible. There are some patterns in modern games that just have piles of cards and they never seem to be going down. These games would definitely be a lot more enjoyable than they already are if they were a bit less punishing.

Another thing is when you have a pyramid solitaire game, and you keep getting low cards on the draw when you have high on the board or vice versa. Just watching your pile shrink while those cards sit there can be a little disheartening. Throwing in a Joker card can help, but sometimes you just don’t get the run you need.

And in Klondike solitaire, facing 7 columns of all red cards has that same feeling, looking at things you can’t match or move around to get at the cards underneath can be frustrating. And then when you draw more red cards it tops off that feeling. Sometimes you can get lucky and one black card can give you a good run, but other times you just can’t get anywhere.

Taking everything into account and despite these shortcomings, there’s no doubting that solitaire games are highly addictive and are capable of providing long hours of fun to anyone who tries them out so we definitely recommend that you pick up a solitaire game to play and see for yourself how much fun and engaging they are, but sometimes like all games it does not go all you way, but stick with them, it is worth it.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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