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Top 5 Challenging Classic Solitaire and FreeCell Games You Should Play

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Nothing gets the brain ticking than solving puzzles and none does it better compared to good old card games. Come and check out the Top 5 challenging classic Solitaire and Freecell games you should play right now. Solitaire Spiele Online - Top 5 Challenging Classic Solitaire and FreeCell Games You Should Play

Have a go at these games below which you can find at games4grandma. You can choose different themes to go with your mood and get to experience various styles and layouts. So without further ado, lets get it on.

Valentine Solitaire

Spread the love with Valentine Solitaire

Feel the love and enjoy the season of hearts with Valentine Solitaire. In the beginning, you can choose whether to play on a single or triple card draw setting. After you made your decision, your set is dealt out for you. The design is focused on its theme and it gives out a warm and pleasant experience by its overall ambiance and looks.

Try it out now and spread the love to everyone.

Galaxy Freecell

Valentine Solitaire

Head out to the unknown in Galaxy Freecell

Galaxy Freecell is a great game that chooses space and the stars as its theme. It follows the rules and regulations of the standard Freecell you have known and loved. You can rescind your moves as much as you like by clicking on the arrow symbol with the UNDO tagging next to it on your panel board. This is great when you are stuck and make a few mistakes and you want to clear and finish your deal.

Explore the galaxy and solve the Freecell puzzles.

Under the Sea Solitaire

Having some fun underwater in Under The Sea Solitaire

Come and enjoy a water themed experience in Under the Sea Solitaire. This game showcases a relaxing underwater design filled with fishes and aquatic plants. You can relax while trying to solve the puzzle as no countdown timer forces you to finish it in a time frame. There is however a small clock that notes on the duration you spend per game but it is only for you to keep track if you want to check if you are getting faster on solving each deal.

Get your share of Solitaire under the sea.

Christmas Freecell

Playing a game of Christmas Freecell

Have some Yuletide season fun with Christmas Freecell. Get to play and solve Freecell puzzles combined a sprinkle of the holidays. The interface is user-friendly and employs a simple and easy to grasp control configuration that will get you to enjoy it as soon as you load a game. All you need to do is to click your chosen card, then drag and drop it to your desired location. Double clicking it puts it to one of the four piles up top.

Put on your Santa hat and feel of the holidays while solving these puzzles.

Space Solitaire

Playing a quick game of Space Solitaire

Head out into the unknown and play a puzzle game of cards in Space Solitaire. You can enjoy the classic solitaire on a cool background art filled with stars and constellations in combination to the panel design of being in a spaceship. As you check it, you can keep tabs on yourself when you view the upper part of your table. In there you will see your time, score, and the number of moves made.

To sum it all up, these are some of the card games that you can find and enjoy at games4grandma. You can check them out at their Facebook or you can also view their Youtube channel. So if you are a fan of Solitaire and Freecell, then you should try and enjoy these games that challenge and keeps you thinking.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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