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Two Solitaire Games With Compelling Storylines

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Some Solitaire games do feature great stories that will capture your attention. Solitaire Spiele Online - Two Solitaire Games With Compelling Storylines

Storyline is something that’s usually being ignored by players by virtue of Solitaire being a casual game. However, some games do come out every once in a while that feature great stories that will capture your attention. Here are two of these games, both of which can be downloaded with a 60-minute free trial from Big Fish.

First, you have Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta. The game explores the days of ancient India, and features two royal brothers and the wife of one, Seeta. In retaliation for their assault on a demon stronghold which they utterly defeated, the head demon kidnapped Seeta and challenged the two brothers and their companions to rescue Seeta. What happens then is an epic adventure that plays out in challenging Solitaire gameplay.

Aside from the usual gameplay mechanics you can expect from Solitaire games, Solitaire Stories:
The Quest for Seeta features a unique power-up and booster system. Five characters are on the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on one, and it triggers the special ability of each. Seeta, for instance, gives you additional cards on the deck. This power up is very useful for extending each level so you can have an extra hand at trying to clear the board completely.

The other Solitaire game is FreeCell Wonderland. Employing Free Cell solitaire gameplay, the game takes on a reinterpretation of the popular Alice in Wonderland story. So, what you’re doing when you play the game is simply exploring the story, using Solitaire levels.

Who didn’t love the classic Alice in Wonderland? While the story is already familiar, what will make you want to play the game till the end is the desire to see how the game has reimagined Alice’s story, from her descent to the Wonderland and how she eventually emerged from it. With a challenging gameplay based on Free Cell Solitaire, you’ll definitely want to take the game’s various levels and obstacles on in an effort to know what eventually happens at the end of the story.

The game has unique challenges that you will not find in any other Solitaire game. Beginning at a certain level in the game, FreeCell Wonderland will make the game extra hard for you by continually shuffling cards around including those that you have already organized into piles. Because each level has a best time record that you might want to beat, these constant shuffling of the cards will give you additional challenge.

Whoever said Solitaire was easy? FreeCell Solitaire, for one, will certainly make you want to think twice about what your views about Solitaire in general are.

With great storylines, each of these games will make you want to play through till the end so you can find out how the stories conclude. Again, these games can be downloaded from Big Fish. Give it a try for 60 minutes. When you find the games to your satisfaction – which we’re sure of – you can then purchase a copy so you can play the game for life!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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