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What Makes Solitaire Arena Tough to Play?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Solitaire Arena paves the way towards reaching the master skills of arranging a deck of 52 playing cards in a Klondike Solitaire Fashion. Why is this specific game so tough to play? Let’s find out! Solitaire Spiele Online - What Makes Solitaire Arena Tough to Play?

When a game is tough, it draws the line between a mere casual gamer from the seasoned ones looking towards the lot of hard to beat challenges. The same thing is true even with a mere Solitaire game. During the course of reviewing games for the site, we have encountered quite a bunch that are tough to play and are seemingly more challenging than the rest. Among them, is Solitaire Arena which tops the player base, despite how challenging it is to play. In this short article, we’ll tackle a few key points that ultimately rendered the game - tough to play.

First things first – Klondike Solitaire is quite a rendition of the card puzzle game, arranging a messed up 52 card deck into their classifying color and sequence. Enough that it is a puzzle game to stimulate your brains into strategizing layers upon layers of consecutive moves in the game, each given puzzle turns up a solution for only 70 percent of the time. Meaning 3 out of 10 attempts, you’d surely hit a brick wall.

But Solitaire Arena is somewhat different in this aspect. Yes, you do lose on several occasions on the game, but a stalemate wouldn’t render you losing in a match (in this title). Instead, you get racked up with a live competitor - to compete against solving the same layout of puzzle, and the one able to score best in the given time duration wins the game.

That instantly shaves off another percentage to what is only 70 percent to begin with. Not that it really matter to complete the given puzzle – the thing is, we are accustomed to move according to the given sets of challenge, which in this game is to accomplish progress in building the four piles of sequenced cards.

This task in itself, takes a lot of focus in order to successfully accomplish. And as the game introduces time duration as a limit to the challenge, it heightens the difficulty as players frantically scour for the next move while checking at his/her competitors progress at the same time, and being choked by the pressure of the remaining time.

This mainly explains the difficulty of the challenge. Solitaire, regardless of version, requires a lot of focus to turn in a good and victorious game. In Solitaire Arena, this is negated by the hindering factors like having to play against another player (which is nerve wracking), coupled by a time limit you’ll have to frequently check, and several more tweaks to get you or your opponent scoring (and watch each other’s score) in the game.

More so, Solitaire Arena does a random match-up against all its’ active participant regardless of their abilities and experience playing the game. At the chance that you get racked up with a seasoned veteran, you’d almost instantly lose the match before you even knew it started. Meaning, you need twice as much luck to even win any game at all (first - with your card draws and ease of the given puzzle, second - with the level of expertise of your competitor).

Finally, the challenge of beating those with given perks while using boosters in the game. The game is totally free to play but also promotes of a few lineup of in game boosters for those willing to drop some cash into it. These includes magic wands that reveal and allow the use of face down cards, the unlimited use of the undo button to undo a previous move, and the unlimited hint button to reveal a current suggested move. With these at your opponent’s disposal, it is much likely easier on their end to score better on the given game.

Solitaire Arena is undeniably a hard ball to catch especially to those that are not keen on playing head-on matches with other live players. It is nerve-wracking in the sense that you will have to put all your focus despite the hindering factors thrown to you in every given match. Nevertheless, it is a great solitaire game that anyone could easily pick up, and readily enjoy its challenge with.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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