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2D Solitaire Player vs Player (PvP)
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Get into a fun and competitive solitaire experience where you’ll be playing against players from around the world.

Challenge other players to live matches where the winner takes all.

Participate in fun tournaments that have massive prize pools you can get your hands on.

Solitaire has always been thought of a casual game that’s generally played single player and that’s great as traditional solitaire games have tons of enjoyment value but Solitaire World Tour takes things a bit further and gives the game a competitive spin that makes the game a lot more fast paced and extremely fun especially since you get to play against players from around the world.

Starting off in Solitaire World Tour can be a bit rocky. When you get into the game you aren’t given any sense of direction and are left to figure things out by yourself. Thankfully, the user interface is really well designed so it’s not that difficult to navigate around the game and get the hang of things. Despite having to learn the game for yourself, it doesn’t take up too much time and you’ll be well on your way to participating in big tournaments within minutes.

The gameplay of Solitaire World Tour is fast paced and feels significantly different from traditional solitaire games. As mentioned before, you’ll be playing against live players in matches so you’ll have to execute your moves quickly as the first player to complete their solitaire wins the game and takes the winnings while the loser gets nothing. As you can judge by the name, there are many different environments where you can play and each new environment has comes with a cool new background and unique looking cards.

One thing to point out is that not all environments are open right from the start so you’ll have to play the game a bit and get some levels under your belt before you’ve unlocked everything. Solitaire World Tour features great tournaments that you can participate in to earn some big winnings. Tournaments are of different kinds and can consist of anywhere between 8 to 16 players and the prize pool varies according to how many players there are. Tournament games are a plot more competitive and truly test your solitaire skills to their limit but are overall really fun to participate in regardless of you winning or losing.

In terms of looks, Solitaire World Tour is a top tier solitaire game. The game has great presentation and everything looks really clean. The game is really easy to navigate around and the different environments make sure that the game doesn’t become boring after you’ve played it for a while.

As for micro-transactions, in Solitaire World Tour you’ll be able to purchase coins for real world money. Coins have a variety of different uses such as buying in-game cosmetics and they’re also used when you get into a game with another player.

Solitaire World Tour is a great solitaire game that adds a great competitive quest into the traditional casual formula. Solitaire World Tour Summary

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