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Games Like Dragon Solitaire

Most Played Games Like Dragon Solitaire
Welcome to Dragon Solitaire - Fantastic Single Player game!

Take on the Dragnos - Enter Dragon Solitaire!
Oahu Solitaire

Oahu Solitaire

- Rate If you enjoy playing solitaire games, you'll love this one!

Time passes slowly and serenely at the nice tropical islands. Find two cards of the same rank to remove them. Turn the pack if there are no more combinations. The level is passed when all cards are moved to the foundation.

Fantastic free game - join the action!
Giza Solitaire

Giza Solitaire

- Rate Welcome to Giza Solitaire - Can you solve this extremely difficult classic solitaire game?

Amazing Free Browser Game - let the fun begin!
Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire

- Rate Try to connect as many moves as possible - 40 upturned cards will be evenly divided into 8 piles.

Move all cards on the piles to the discard pile before the stock pile runs out.

Continue the process until no further moves can be made, then you can click the stock pile to deal a new card.
Ice Solitaire

Ice Solitaire

- Rate Your goal is to clear the tableau from the cards!

Pass the game as quick as possible as the time is limited!

Welcome to Ice Cards Solitaire - Have Fun!
Beach Solitaire

Beach Solitaire

- Rate Welcome to Caribbean Beach Solitaire!

The task of the game is to remove all cards from the tableau, you can play any card one higher or one lower than the current card, suits don't matter.

Enjoy the action!
Solitaire Mystery Stolen Power

Solitaire Mystery

- Rate Find the missing Magic Cards with Solitaire games.

Hunt down the clues with Hidden Object Games.

Solve the mystery and save the world.
Peaks Solitaire

Peaks Solitaire

- Rate In Tri Peaks Solitaire, your goal is to move all cards from the three peaks to the discard pile, Will you rise above the top of the peaks or be defeated by the mountains?

Try to connect as many moves as you can to win the golden crown!
Golf Solitaire Pro

Golf Soli Pro

- Rate Match one number above or below the base card.

Use wild cards to remove any card.

See if you can beat your best score.
Flower Solitaire

Flower Solitaire

- Rate Welcome to Flower Solitaire - Fantastic Solitaire Game!

Move all 52 cards to the foundations in order from Ace to King!

Are you Ready? Time to Play!
 Best in Show Solitaire

Best in Show

- Rate Match 1 card above or below the dog pile.

Score big with combinations.

Use your free wild cards.