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Games Like Atlantis

Top 10 Games Like Atlantis
Explore the mythical city of Atlantis.

Enjoy an epic Solitaire experience.

Play with your friends and share gifts.
Solitaire Harmony

Soli Harmony

Solitaire 5.3 Rate Solitaire Harmony is an exciting and medieval twist to the classic Solitaire! Take a trip back to the Middle Ages!

Solitaire Harmony uses the traditional Solitaire set up and play style, with a warm themed backdrop.

Show your friends that you're the ruler of your own domain!
Solitaire in Wonderland


Solitaire 6.5 Rate Help Alice find her way through the wonderland through games of solitaire.

Defeat the card soldiers save the people of the wonderland.

Play colorful and exciting games of solitaire on Facebook.
Solitaire Tales

Solitaire Tales

Solitaire 7.7 Rate Solitare Tales takes a new look at this iconic game, play free with this Facebook Game

Heroes of the land, assemble - The evil Deckromancer has stolen the Deck of Power!
Chase the evil sorcerer across the land and use the magic of the cards to defeat your enemies.

Immerse yourself in surreal landscapes from a land of magic and lore. Your tale is yet to be written. Will you save the kingdom and become a master of the cards? The challenge awaits.
Solitaire Castle

Solitaire Castle

Solitaire 6.7 Rate Play Solitaire Castle and rescue your puppy Sparky as you play amazing Solitaire Games, try for free on Facebook!

Enjoy fantastic pyramid style solitaire games.

Collect powerups and special joker cards.

Climb the tower to rescue your poor puppy Sparky.
Absolute Solitaire

Absolute Solitaire

Solitaire 10 Rate Speed, Strategy, Simplicity: Play Solitaire in a single mode or against 4 players from all over the world!

Win awesome cards and finish your collection.

Unlock new background images.
La Belle Lucie Solitaire

La Belle Lucie

Solitaire 6 Rate La Belle Lucie Solitaire is a new take on an old game.

In order to win stack the 4 suits from the fans of cards available.

Play a new challenging version of Solitaire.
Magic Solitaire World

Magic World

Solitaire - Rate Play Magic Solitaire World and help the bunny become a magician as you play a fantastic Solitaire game free on Facebook.

Enjoy a fabulous pyramid solitaire game.

Collect Undo and Joker cards as you play.

Use special boosters to store cards or double your deck.


Solitaire - Rate Enjoy this amazing solitaire experience as you unleash power bonuses and beat your friends' high scores in the 3 Day Tournament.

Engage in thrilling tournaments with your friends and become a devoted admirer of the game, even alone from the comfort of your own home.

You will be captivated by the music and swirling dance of this game and be entertained for hours.
Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire

Solitaire 1 Rate Your goal in this game is to remove all cards on the pyramid by pairing the cards which give a sum of 13 points regardless of their suits.

When the game opens, 28 upturned cards are distributed into 7 rows in the shape of a pyramid. 1 upturned card is dealt to the discard pile under the pyramid, while the remaining downturned cards are put to the left of the discard pile as the stock pile.

You can click to remove any pair of cards on the pyramid or the discard pile that gives the sum of 13. When no moves are available, click the stock pile and get a new card.
Cleo's Pyramid

Cleo's Pyramid

Solitaire 10 Rate An exciting variation of Pyramid Solitaire, your task is to remove all the cards from the board as quickly as possible.

Think strategically like a Pharaoh and build your own Pyramid using beautiful hieroglyphic stones.

Play on Facebook and share your success with friends.