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woensdag, april 14, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Solitaire Tripeaks - Secret Garden

Stage selection in the game Solitaire Tripeaks Secret Garden gameplay Undo feature in the game Help the passionate young gardener on her mission to flourish her lawns in this captivating solitaire game.

Enjoy and complete more than 350 amazing levels.

Gain the help of boosters to cause havoc.
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woensdag, april 7, 2021

Nieuw Artikel Toegevoegd: Defining Solitaire's Level of Difficulty

Defining Solitaire's Level of Difficulty preview image There are lots different solitaire games to easily enjoy nowadays by a simple click of a button (compared at least to the classic card game that you manually deal). Many of which rendered the authentic mechanics to the game, with bits of tweaks on their own to spice up the relative classic. Just how do today’s Solitaire games define their difficulty? Let’s all find out. Lees meer
woensdag, maart 31, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Solitaire Championship

Looking for cards to combine Solitaire Championship gameplay Undo button in the game Stack up your decks from aces to kings to become the ultimate solitaire champion in this exciting game that’ll keep you glued to the screens.

Compete with real players from around the world and climb the global leaderboard.

Take part in tournaments and claim solitaire supremacy.
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dinsdag, maart 30, 2021

Nieuw Artikel Toegevoegd: Poker Apps With Friends

Poker Apps With Friends preview image Do you want to play a few games of poker with some friends? If you want, here are a few apps which will enable you to share the experience: Lees meer
woensdag, maart 24, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Super Klondike Solitaire

Super Klondike Solitaire gameplay Turn count in the game Undo button in the game Immerse yourself in a fun-filled solitaire experience and become the king of cards in this exciting game that’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Compete with players from around the world and climb the global leaderboard.

Reverse or Undo your turn if you make a wrong move.
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woensdag, maart 17, 2021

Nieuw Artikel Toegevoegd: Two Solitaire Games to Get You Practiced

Two Solitaire Games to Get You Practiced preview image Today we line you up with just two Solitaire Titles, but nonetheless can get you completely attuned with any Solitaire game - well practiced. Lees meer
woensdag, maart 10, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Solitaired

Solitaired gameplay Level selection in the game Hint button in the game Hop onto a classical solitaire ride and reignite your love for solitaire games through this tremendous game that never ceases to amaze.

Select a card theme and layout of your own design out of tons of different choices.

Compete in game of the day mode to climb the leaderboard.
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woensdag, maart 3, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: NERTS! Online

NERTS! Online gameplay NERTS! Online starting off NERTS! Online playing a hand Enjoy this fun and fast-paced card game that’s definitely unlike any other out there.

Play against multiple opponents from around the world in intense matches that are thoroughly immersive from start to finish.

Immerse yourself in the sleek and minimalistic visuals that do not cease to impress.
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