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Browser Games List

Played on the internet through your browser these games do not require a download and can be played from any location, you just need to open the game. Summer Solitaire

Summer Solitaire

Solitaire - Rate Relive the memories of summer while playing Solitaire with the summer-theme cards.

Break those scores and set your records with the various types of Solitaire in the website.

Escape monotony from playing different types of Solitaire at any given time.
Solitaire Fairytale

Solitaire Fairytale

Solitaire Fantasy Setting 8.3 Rate Play this fun and relaxing solitaire game that’s sure to impress many with its gorgeous look and amazing levels.

Complete stages to move further and further into the fairytale book.

Finish the levels as quickly and efficiently as you can to earn a large amount of points.
Solitaire World

Solitaire World

Solitaire - Rate Enjoy this fun filled solitaire game that takes players back to the roots of the genre.

Complete the given layout as quickly as possible to increase your winnings at the end.

Spin the wheel for a shot at multiplying your winnings by a really massive amount.
Solitaire Quest: Klondike

Solitaire Quest: Klondike

Solitaire - Rate Play a classic game of Solitaire in Solitaire Quest: Klondike.

Complete unique objective and unlock a huge variety of levels.

Score as high as possible and get the perfect three stars rating in each level of the game.
Klondike Solitaire by Kiz101

Klondike Solitaire by Kiz101

Solitaire - Rate Play either the easy (1-card) or normal (3-cards) game modes

Collect all the cards in order from Aces to Kings

Earn a higher score you can by finishing a match as quickly as you can

Mahjong - Rate Enjoy a fully-customizable game of mahjong straight from your web browser

Choose from over 150 different layouts, 15 tilesets and 14 backgrounds of varying colors

Use the hints and undos at your disposal to win a game and get a fortune cookie

Solitaire - Rate Enjoy playing Spider Solitaire or other forms of solitaire for free

Use free and unlimited undos and hints to get out of tight spots

Search for and bookmark your favorite solitaire games on