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Top 10 Solitaire Games

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10 Battle Solitaire

Battle Solitaire

Solitaire Simultaneous gameplay together with social components.

GamePoint’s Battle-Sollitaire makes it all possible. Get rid of your entire card deck before your opponent does using the rules of the original solitaire.

A great way to have fun with your friends or to meet exciting new people! Join the fun now for FREE.
7.7 Rate
9 Solitaire Tales

Solitaire Tales

Solitaire Solitare Tales takes a new look at this iconic game, play free with this Facebook Game

Heroes of the land, assemble - The evil Deckromancer has stolen the Deck of Power!
Chase the evil sorcerer across the land and use the magic of the cards to defeat your enemies.

Immerse yourself in surreal landscapes from a land of magic and lore. Your tale is yet to be written. Will you save the kingdom and become a master of the cards? The challenge awaits.
7.7 Rate
8 Spartan Solitaire

Spartan Solitaire

Solitaire Enjoy a fun solitaire game as you explore this ancient city.

Match pairs of cards together from unique patterns.

Earn Joker cards for your matches to help you if you get stuck.
8 Rate
7 DoubleU Solitaire

DoubleU Solitaire

Solitaire Play a fun classic Klondike Solitaire game with people all over the world.

Choose from 2 game styles, timed or tournament.

Use amazing boosters and power ups to help you win big prizes.
8 Rate
6 Solitaire Buster

Solitaire Buster

Solitaire Enjoy a brilliant Pyramid Solitaire with loads of fun levels.

Play in Haunted Castles, The Wild West and even in the Far East.

Win chips and spend them on powerful boosters to help you collect stars.
8 Rate
5 Solitaire Fairytale

Solitaire Fairytale

Solitaire Fantasy Setting Play this fun and relaxing solitaire game that’s sure to impress many with its gorgeous look and amazing levels.

Complete stages to move further and further into the fairytale book.

Finish the levels as quickly and efficiently as you can to earn a large amount of points.
8.3 Rate
4 Solitaire Spells

Solitaire Spells

Solitaire Enjoy a fun filled solitaire experience with a unique twist to it.

Utilize the many different spells available to give yourself an edge during levels.

Progress through the game by completing the many different levels, each with a unique layout of its own.
8.5 Rate
3 Solitaire Duels

Solitaire Duels

Solitaire Clear the cards by matching 1 above or below the base card.

Score points for each match.

Use your free joker or boosters to help you.
8.5 Rate
2 Solitaire World Tour

Solitaire World Tour

Solitaire Player vs Player (PvP) Play Solitaire World Tour! Play Klondike Solitaire in Real Time against Other players for Big Prizes. Try Free Today!
8.6 Rate
1 Absolute Solitaire

Absolute Solitaire

Solitaire Speed, Strategy, Simplicity: Play Solitaire in a single mode or against 4 players from all over the world!

Win awesome cards and finish your collection.

Unlock new background images.
10 Rate